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Raising environmental awareness that leads to action in the outdoor industry.

The Outdoor Minimalist Podcast

A podcast raising awareness through conversation, information, and mindfulness regarding some of the most important environmental issues of our time. The goal of Outdoor Minimalist is to give outdoor enthusiasts and outdoor companies tools they can use to change their behavior when engaging in outdoor recreation to lower their overall environmental impact. 

"Listening to the interviews with sustainable product creators using strategies almost unheard of in the outdoor product industry is like finding a treasure map."

"The Outdoor Minimalist is full of great (and well-researched) information to help outdoor enthusiasts enjoy exploring while reducing their environmental impact."

"Meg does an outstanding job addressing some of the conundrums of being an outdoor enthusiast. Tackling issues such as single-use plastics, how to handle your dog, rent vs own, etc. are conversations the outdoor community needs to have -- and she is doing just that."


Our Mission

To create a better outdoor space as we recreate.

We give listeners, readers, and members of our community actionable ways to waste less hiking, camping, backpacking, and more during every step of the process.


Your impact outdoors starts long before you hit the trail.


You’ll learn how to identify sustainable outdoor brands, how to ask hard questions regarding sustainability, and begin to shift and evolve your mindset to integrate minimalism into all outdoor pursuits.


Art by Savannah Cuthbertson


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New Episodes Every Monday

Available anywhere you listen to podcasts.

At this time, donations go directly to paying for an editing staff. 



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