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Forever Chemicals

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From the creators of Outdoor Minimalist, a new ten-part series sets out to answer questions like:


What are PFAS?


Why is PFAS dangerous?


And how can we move forward in the outdoor industry without PFAS?

To do this, we sat down with countless experts from brands like Fjallraven, Jack Wolfskin, and Outdoor Research along with scientists, lawyers, and law makers that all have a stake in how PFAS is used, and how they are now being eliminated. 


Over the course of ten episodes, we’ll investigate the origins, rise, and now phase out of the forever chemicals PFAS. With more companies beginning to understand the dangers of these commonly used chemicals, they’re being phased out to keep up with new laws and to ensure company ethos aligns with production.


However, many consumers still don’t know what they are or why they should care about them. That’s where we come in– to be a direct line to people in and outside the industry and help everyone understand what PFAS are and why we should stop using them. 


If you’re wondering how we can make a difference in the fight against PFAS pollution and keep our planet and our health on the forefront of producers minds, tune into Forever Chemicals wherever you get your podcasts.

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