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Meet the Team

The Outdoor Minimalist podcast is run by a small yet passionate team of three. Meg started the podcast in October of 2021 based on her book under the same name. As it grew, she enlisted the help of an audio expert and a media guru to help curate even better content for listeners. It just so happened that they were  her brother and a close family friend. 


Ethan Wiese

Media Curator

Alex bio.heic

Alex Carney

Audio Editor


Meg Carney

Author and Host

Ethan Wiese is Midwest photographer, videographer, and creative director based in South Dakota with a focus on blending journalistically candid moments with authentic glamour.

With over 10 years of experience documenting the music industry he has had the opportunity to photograph nearly six dozen artists including Snoop Dogg, Fall Out Boy, Beartooth, Warren Zeiders, Koe Wetzel, and Old Dominion.

Ethan takes his coffee black and spends way too much money on vinyl records and Kodak film. When he's not taking photos you can usually find him behind a drum set or around a campfire.

Alex Carney has been producing video, photographic, musical, and phonic content for over 15 years in the upper Midwest.

From professional theater (Spellbound Theatricals) to photo journalism (The Murray County News) to directing corporate video productions (Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership), Alex has an affluence for the arts in many mediums.

In his personal time, Alex savors the beauty of the world and it’s life through music, fresh air, and companionship.

Meg Carney is an outdoor and environmental writer turned podcaster. Shortly after writing her first book Outdoor Minimalist: Waste Less Hiking, Camping, and Backpacking, she released the podcast you know and love. 

She's spent the last seven years living a nomadic lifestyle and turning her dream of being a full-time writer into a reality. Currently, she works remotely as a freelance writer while splitting time living in Wenatchee, WA or in her van with her two dogs, Ash and Leo. 

Meg enjoys the simple and the spooky things in life. If she's not bingeing true crime she's probably on a hike, biking with the dogs, or cozied up with her journal in front of a wood-burning stove. 

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