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Listener Support

My goal is to create content that is helpful, impactful, and accessible.

That's why the Outdoor Minimalist podcast content is free.

To keep up with the amount of content and continue to produce value for our growing community, any form of listener support helps keep content free and supports the Outdoor Minimalist mission. 

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes, and by donating, writing a review, or sharing with your network, you support our shared goal to create a better outdoor space as we recreate. 



Support the Outdoor Minimalist mission monetarily by donating directly to our team.

At this time, donations help us pay our editing staff. 


Leave a Review

Support the Outdoor Minimalist mission by writing us a review! 

Reviews help prospective listeners decide to tune into one of our episodes, and improve our rankings on Apple Podcasts. 

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